4 Wheeler

VBROS is currently manufacturing more than 400 products these are few of our products.

Gear Shifting Knobs

VBROS is a pioneer in gear knob concept visualization, designing, tool making and supplying. Per month, we manufacture more than 80 types of gear shifter knobs. The count is still adding up!

Bellows and Grommets

Along with gear shifting knobs, VBROS also specializes in conceptualizing and assembly of bellows and grommets.

Gear Shifters, Select Lever, Socket Liners

Holding a firm grip in transmission area, VBROS has expertise in designing and manufacturing tool for various gear shifters and related components such as select lever, socket liners, knob overmold etc.

Wheel Cover, Garnish & Cuffs

VBROS deals in specializing painted products also such as wheel covers with per production of 1200 to 1500 and garnish and cuff with per day production of 1000 sets.

Steering Shrouds

There are many built to print parts which has been developed by VBROS and supplying as per customer requirement.

Transmission Covers

Another area of expertise is development of transmission covers and their assemblies.

Vibration Welded Engine Covers

VBROS also specializes in vibration welded engine covers.

Oil Reservoirs & Assembly

With the advancement in technology, VBROS now manufactures brake oil and steering oil reservoirs with complete assembly and welding.

Lamp and Housings

VBROS leads in the manufacturing of molded components for headlamps, tail lamps, headlamp brackets, and other assembly parts.