Plastic Injection Molding & Automotive Assemblies

VBROS expertise lies in moulding the best quality Plastic Injection parts with highly technologically advanced Plastic injection moulding machines with machining capacity from 50 tn to 1000 tn, spread over the 5 plants of VBROS group , VBROS believes in delivering & maintaining the highest quality levels for its esteemed customers.

Electrical Assembly Line

The play is not only about manufacturing of molded components and sub assemblies, but , VBROS has another area of expertise of producing complete electrical cooler assemblies. Working closely with esteemed electrical OEMs, VBROS per day produces more than 500 No.s cooler assemblies. The product includes assembly of more than 25 types of plastic components with more than 30 types of BOP items. Each product is 100% tested for Endurance, T.R testing, High Speed RPM, Roll Test and Drop test along with individual sub assembly testing.

Ultrasonic Welding

Supplying huge numbers of assembled parts to its customers is what VBROS group has acquired skills in. VBROS uses Ultrasonic Welding technology for various 4 wheelers, 2 wheelers and bicycle industry customers and for various types of products moulded in different raw material grades.

Testing Facility

Moulding & assemblies are not what VBROS is limited to; VBROS has inhouse testing facilities with advanced equipment such as CMM, UV chamber, Profile projector, UTM, deep freezer, MFI etc. and separate testing facility.

P.U. Paintshops

Painting is another area where VBROS has attained expertise in with 2 no.s paint shops located at different locations, VBROS delivers quality products with high aesthetic value to its customers.

Pad Printing / Laser Printing

VBROS manufactures many products for automobile as well as electrical industry which requires Pad Printing/ Laser Printing facility with a different set up for pad printing altogether, VBROS is able to deliver high quality product in huge quantities.

Vibration Welding

With the vision of constantly improving the technology & infrastructure at its end, VBROS believes in delivering the quality assembled parts also. Using Vibration welding operation for oil reservoirs, oil tanks and engine covers for various customers, VBROS has marked its expertise in Vibration welding assemblies also.

Tool Development & Maintenance

VBROS has own tool maintenance facilities with highly skilled tooling team with equipment such as lathe, drilling, EDM, surface grinder machines, etc. VBROS has full capability to maintain its tools in house. Tool development activities are carried out in china, Taiwan and India with VBROS NPD team taking care of each project.